Are emotionally drained and looking for a way to overcome the challenges in your life? If so, order this book written by twelve remarkable women to help you navigate through the rough spots in life and become the success that you are!
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Everyone experiences setbacks in life. However, our response will determine who we really are. Find out what happens when 12 remarkable women discuss their life experiences RESILIENCE: Living Life by Design is a book that shares the insights of 12 women leaders who defied the odds against them.

Dr. Deana Murphy, gathered us together and gleaned vital wisdom to share with other women. Dr. Murphy is a take-charge businesswoman, Christian minister, media personality, guest lecturer and award-winning bestselling author. Her research has received attention from The 700 Club, O Magazine, Fine Living, HGTV, Huffington Post, Panache Publications, Meredith Books, Exceptional People Magazine and a variety of radio programs and podcasts.

RESILIENCE has been endorsed by Barbara Corcoran, Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank and Marshawn Evans Daniels, Reinvention Strategist and Godfidence Coach, TV Personality from The Apprentice and Miss America Finalist.

“Resilience: Living Life by Design demonstrates how female leaders can boost their self esteem, bolster their self-confidence, and defy adversity against all odds.”

Barbara Cochran Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

“What makes one woman give into failure and another rise up and succeed against the odds? The stories of 12 women in Resilience Living Life by Design teach how to use purpose, courage, and faith to find your way as a leader, entrepreneur, and life traveler. I will keep it close to me to grab whatever I need to ignite my heart.”

Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D. Author of Wander woman and the Disc comfort Zone

“Resilience does a wonderful job of using everyday stories to help everyday women live extraordinary lives God intends that we live life by divine design. This book shows you how. Don’t just read it… devour it… and make sure you share it!”

Marshawn Evans Daniels Reinvention Strategist and Godfidence Coach (, TV Personality from the Apprentice and Miss America Finalists

As a contributing author, I discuss the steps I used to overcome workplace bullying. Also provided are the strategies I used to redesign my life for success.

Key Steps Include:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Power of Confession
  • Forgiveness is Freedom
  • Strength Building Praise
  • Documentation is everything

I discuss my journey in more detail in the upcoming book, “Working Women’s Guide to Winning: Defeat Satan at His Own Game with Integrity.” Visit my website for more information.

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