Life Strategist, Speaker, Author and Podcaster

Life Strategist, Speaker, Author and Podcaster

Helping others is a part of the DNA of Angeline Lawrence. As an urban planner for over 20 years she was passionate about helping residents and developers rebuild Detroit. However, she realized more had to be done and set out to create a program to help residents change their lives in the face of the recession.

Ms. Lawrence developed a micro loan program on the behalf of the City Council to provide loans and training for Detroit-based existing and start up companies. She also served on the loan review committee for the Detroit Micro-Loan Enterprise Fund, located in Tech Town in Detroit, MI.

Angeline saw a void for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking resources to start their own businesses. She founded, a business blog with resources and interviews of up and coming small business owners. Ironically, after the widely publicized bankruptcy of Detroit, Angeline was downsized out of her long time position with the City. She was thrust into her own entrepreneurial path.

She formally launched a consulting firm that provides business development and administrative support to small businesses. Angeline serves as the Chairperson for the Enterprise Entrepreneurship Institute (E2i) program, a new state-wide training initiative of the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, the largest Black Chamber in the country.

Again, seeing a void in God-centered content for Christian women online, Angeline created the Shine & Grind podcast this past spring. The show provides insight and the Word of God to Christian women that are leaders in the marketplace. The show produces new episodes twice a week at

Currently, she is completing her first book, “The Working Women’s Guide to Winning: Defeat Satan at His Own Game with Integrity,” which chronicles her story as a Target of workplace bullying. Angeline shares the God-inspired process that ultimately helped her to overcome the attacks as well minister to her bullies.

Angeline attained her B.A. in Economics and a Masters of Urban Planning with a concentration in Economic Development from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. You can reach her at On Twitter, @entrepreneurexg, Facebook,


Life Strategist

Thinking strategically is a skill I crafted as an urban planner for over 20 years. Helping developers and residents navigate through the bureaucracy and red-tape of local government was a way of life that I sincerely enjoyed. However, there were always occasions when I ran into obstacles that my formal training and education did not equip me to handle.

As a result, I learned to seek the wisdom and knowledge of God through the leading of the Holy Spirit. I discovered that prayer was the best counter strategy against the obstacles of everyday life. Real life application of the Word of God became my new way of living.

As a life strategist I will provide you with the tools and approach to L.I.V.E (Living in Victory and Expectation) God’s way.

I will help you develop a strategy to become victorious in your walk with God. The Word of God will revitalize the dry places in your spirit while taking you to new dimensions of success. We will work together to identify your gifts, vocation and plan of action to walk into your God given purpose.